Best 10 ways to make money online in 2023

In this guide, I will put in your hands a large variety of real and legitimate ways to profit from the Internet, through which you can make profits of thousands of dollars, and rely on it as a primary source of income like thousands of others who have succeeded in that.

make money online in 2023
Best 10 ways to make money online in 2023

The idea of profit from the Internet has become a familiar idea for most Internet users at the present time, but the problem that many suffer from is choosing the appropriate method of profit from the Internet to start with.

Of course, in order to choose the method that is right for you, you must first get to know and form a good idea about a large variety of ways to profit from the Internet, and then choose what suits you and start implementing it ... and this is what I will present to you today.

Ways to profit from the Internet (detailed explanation of 10 different ways).

1. Profit from the Internet through blogging and Google Adsense

Profit from the Internet by blogging, and participating in Google Adsense, is one of the oldest and most famous ways to profit from the Internet.

The idea here is simply to choose one of the areas that interest you and have great knowledge about it, start publishing articles about this area, and then participate in the Google AdSense program to share profits.

Steps to earning from Google Adsense :

Choose a field to specialize in for your blog

This is a very important step that will make a huge difference in your success in the future, and my advice to you is to choose one of the topics that interest you and always feel a passion and love for knowledge about it.

Start blogging and posting good topics for your visitors

Always try to provide value and benefit to your visitors, and provide your site with new topics constantly, and you can also use one of the other writers to help you write renewed content for your site.

Get the most visitors to your site

The rate of visitors to your site is the first vital and pivotal element to making profits from this method, and in fact, to achieve good profits from Adsense, your site must get a large number of visitors.

So you find a lot of publishers relying on the Adsense arbitrage method to generate the best possible rate of profit.

At the end of this method for profit from the Internet, let me explain to you that by having the skill of writing articles … you can make a profit from the Internet in many ways other than Google Adsense.

2. Profit from the Internet through website efficiency testing services

There are websites that specialize in providing services of a special kind to website owners. These services are to test the quality and efficiency of websites and their compatibility with the visitor's experience and satisfaction.

Of course, these sites do not have enough labor to do the examination of every website to give real reports to customers about their sites, so they enable others to do the registration and start testing and checking customer sites for a percentage of the profits.

This method of profit from the Internet is very suitable for you if you have sufficient experience in dealing with sites, and you can examine these sites to find out their weaknesses and strengths, such as their download speed, color compatibility together, ease of use ... etc.

Here is a list of the most important sites that you can profit from by evaluating sites:
  • User Testing
  • TryMyUI
  • Userlytics

3. Profit from the Internet through free work

This method is one of the best and easiest ways to profit from the Internet, in which you subscribe to a company that acts as an intermediary between service providers and those who want to obtain them.

Of course, to profit from these companies, you will play the role of a service provider, if you are good at any of the following tasks: writing, design, programming, translation, drawing, preparing introductions, reviews, video editing, photography, or you have any other skill that others need, you can profit from these companies.

The most important freelance platforms



It is the most important, most famous, and most successful freelance platform on the Internet, its idea is based on being a market for small services whose price starts from 5 dollars, but of course, it is possible to provide services with very large amounts of money that may reach thousands of dollars.


The largest global platform in the field of self-employment, through which you can get a job from home, by carrying out long-term tasks and projects for business owners.



Another great platform to carry out tasks of all kinds and sizes, but it is popular in the areas of writing, marketing, and making smartphone applications.

4. Profit from the Internet through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most important areas that currently exist for profit from the Internet, which is in short, that you market the products or services of others in exchange for a specific commission, and you get your commission upon completion of the sale process.

In fact, the commission does not have to be in exchange for a sale. There are many affiliate marketing companies called CPA companies, which offer commissions for many small marketing services such as downloading applications, registering on websites, entering personal data..etc.

The affiliate marketing system has become very popular recently because it represents a genius and successful solution for the advertiser (the owner of the product) and for the affiliate marketer (you).

Through it, the advertiser can increase his sales significantly as a result of the presence of a large number of marketers working for him, and the marketer also through this system can achieve excellent profits from a commodity he does not own. The marketer here also has the opportunity to choose what he wants from the goods or services to market to them.

As a result of the advantages of affiliate marketing, many companies have recently opened a profit-sharing system, and there are also many companies that specialize in affiliate marketing primarily.

Here is a list of some of the most important affiliate marketing companies:

  • Commission junction
  • Amazon
  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale
  • Linkshare

Also, recently, the idea of ​​commission marketing has begun to spread in our Arab region. There are many famous stores such as Jumia, Namshi, and that have a commission marketing system, and as an Arab, you can work and profit easily through them.

The wonderful thing is that the idea of ​​commission marketing is not related to a field, but it is a marketing idea that is used by many companies, stores, and service providers, so you can profit by specializing in any field you want.

You can also earn in any way you want: a website, a social media account that has followers, a YouTube channel…etc.

For example, you are a twenty-year-old girl and you have an Instagram account with tens of thousands of followers, in which you talk about skincare… Why not look for cosmetics companies that provide affiliate marketing programs, and market their products on commission.

5. Profit from profit by investing money

This method is for those who have surplus money and want to invest it and make a profit through it on the Internet, the methods of investing on the Internet are very similar to investing on the ground.

Investing through the Internet in general means using money in a smart way to generate good returns as on the ground, there are a lot of ways to invest money online.

Here is a short list of four main ways to invest online:

Investing online by buying and then selling with a profit margin.

We can see investing online in this type very clearly in the case of the trade-in domain names.

There are also those who trade in the websites themselves, through the famous site Flippa, which enables you to buy and sell websites or domain names.

Invest online by buying promising projects

There are a lot of smart projects that have appeared recently that have been bought by Internet whales, such as the WhatsApp application, which was bought by Facebook.

Online investment through stock trading (stock exchange)

A stock exchange or stock trading is a system that allows you to trade shares of major companies, as well as government bonds. By subscribing to a local or international stock exchange, you can buy shares and sell them after a while to achieve a good profit margin.

6. Profit from the Internet through mobile applications

In the past, the idea of ​​creating an application was an almost imaginary idea for many, but now with the emergence of application programs, the idea of ​​creating an application and profiting from it has become an idea within the reach of many.

Steps to earn from mobile apps

Find an idea for an app

There are many ways in which you can get an application idea, but the main idea is to find a problem or need for the phone users and work to solve the problem or meet the need through the application.

For example, the phone user needs backgrounds and pictures, he needs games, he needs songs and music…etc.

Any app you make to provide any of these things can be a great idea, but of course, there are other creative ideas like social networking sites, educational apps, productivity apps, etc.

Make the app

There are many ways to make a mobile app, including:

  • Easily use an application tool such as Andromo, AppyPie, or GoodBarber.
  • Hire an independent programmer.
  • Hire a specialized programming company.
  • Learn to program and do it yourself.
  • Rely on one of the work platforms such as Fiverr for independent work.

Promote the app and get customers to download it on their devices.

This step mainly depends on the quality of the application, but of course, you have to make marketing efforts in order to get the right number of downloads to make a profit.

7. Profit from the Internet through e-commerce

I can not take an article that talks about ways to profit from the Internet at the present time and I do not put e-commerce in it. It is known to everyone that e-commerce in the era of Corona in which we live is no longer just an option, but a necessity and a solution to a problem that all human beings suffer from now.

Reasons why starting an e-commerce business is an excellent choice right now

  • The outbreak of the Coronavirus, made most people prefer shopping without direct contact with others, and by the way, this will not change with the end of the crisis.
  • The online buying experience is easier, more flexible, and time-saving.
  • There are a lot of platforms that offer great solutions that make the experience of creating a store an easy and simple experience for everyone.

It is worth noting that the idea of ​​e-commerce is one of the most important ways to profit from the Internet, and the idea is simply that you will sell products through the Internet.

This product can be tangible or intangible, and it is also possible to sell services instead of products as well, and the great thing is that you do not have to own a product at all… Follow and you will understand.

8. Profit from the Internet through forex trading

Forex is an abbreviation of the English term Foreign Exchange Market, which is a huge market for the exchange and trade of foreign currencies, which daily turnover is estimated at trillions of dollars (that is, thousands of billions).

The idea of ​​forex trading is simply to buy the currency when its price is low, and sell it when its price rises, but what makes things more interesting and possible to achieve huge profits is the leverage system provided by forex companies.

This financial leverage system (Financial Leverage) allows the speculator to speculate in large amounts without having to pay the full value of the trade, as he only needs to place a small deposit such as $100 (called margin), through which he can speculate with a trading value of up to $50,000.

Through the system of financial leverage, it is possible through a small amount as 100 dollars to achieve profits estimated at hundreds of dollars, but on the other hand, the 100 dollars can be lost in the blink of an eye.

In fact, this field is not for everyone, and it contains a lot of information and misconceptions, and many people make losses through it due to insufficient understanding before actually starting.

But on the other side, there are also many who make thousands of dollars a month through forex trading.

9. Profit from the Internet through link shortening sites

Link shortening companies are companies that you can put any link in to give you another short link, everyone who visits this link sees some ads before going to the destination web address.

Some link shortening sites are basically advertising companies, and they share a portion of their profits with everyone who shorts their links through them.

This company will give you a percentage of its profits if you get good visits to the shortened links through it. The genius thing about these companies is that they allow you to shorten any links whether you have them or not.

Therefore, the world of the Internet is in your hands to choose from it the links that suit your audience, and then start profiting.

10. Profit from the Internet by owning an online project

In one way, we talked about blogging and Google Adsense, and in another, about creating an online store.

But in fact, there are many other ideas and ways to make a profit from the Internet by creating a project, whether through a website or through a smartphone application or even through other sites that you do not own.

The ideas here are endless, but the key is summarized in the following: Know the needs of Internet users or the problems they want to solve and do a project to solve these problems or meet these needs.

In the end, I hope that this topic will be a ray of hope, and a way to open new horizons for a better life through the endless profitable opportunities and possibilities available online.

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