Exclusive for 2023: Best 10 Video Editing Software

In this article, we will learn about the best video editing software for PC 2023, which is considered more used by many content creators around the world. If you are looking for the best movie editing software for PC for all versions of Windows 7, 8, and 10 for both 32-bit and 64-bit.

Do not worry. Everything you want to know about video editing and editing for the computer will be found here, as many people are looking for the best video editing software for the computer or for the phone for a variety of reasons, including editing personal videos to keep as a memory or a hobby and a passion for video editing or even for work and profit from montage, so in today's topic, we have collected for you the best video editing software for PC.

Best Video Editing Software for 2023
Best 10 Video Editing Software 2023

Best Video Editing Software for PC 2023

The presence of video clips in all fields called for the existence of editing and editing programs for these, so there is a lot of question about the best programs for editing videos on the computer, so we decided today in this article to present the most important of these programs, which are:

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

The best video editing software for PC ever so far is Adobe Premiere Pro, this program is among the giant programs in the field of video editing, and it is used by all big channels and international film production companies, and this program is an Adobe program famous.

Honestly, in terms of learning it professionally, it takes a lot of time, but it is for the quality that it is worth the effort to learn, through the use of Adobe video editing software Premiere Pro you can cut and merge videos as well as add some cool and other effects to it limited, as well as changing the sound and making some amazing transitions between shots, as well as deleting Green Chroma and many other features, and its tools are very simple and easy to work with.

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • It outputs movies and videos with professional quality up to 8K.
  • The best editing program with simple and easy tools to work with.
  • Supports all kinds of video, camera, and quality formats.
  • Integrated with other similar Adobe products.
  • You can control every millisecond precisely and adjust it the way you want.

You should know that Adobe Premiere Pro editing software needs some important capabilities in your computer to run smoothly, including that the computer must have at least 8 gigabytes of RAM and must be a 64-bit operating system.

2. Filmora wondershare

Filmora wondershare

Filmora is among the best video editing and editing software, and this software is affiliated with Wondershare, the famous software manufacturer, that is using video software Filmora has a very large number of users around the world, especially creators on YouTube and beyond the Internet.

Filmora is a simple yet professional video editing software, Suitable for beginners and intermediate editing, but the only problem with this program is its need for good computer capabilities to work and not to run on weak computers.

Using the Filmora video editing program, you can cut videos, reassemble them, write them, create video intros, put some ready-made effects on them from within the program, as well as choose the types of fonts and a very large number of other features that make this program among the best editing programs and one of the best video editing programs for the computer Distinctively.

Filmora Editing Features:

  • The program provides a large number of tools that the user needs in order to modify the video in a way.
  • Professional for both beginners and professionals.
  • The presence of several effects is ready to be used and applied to images, writing, and video.
  • Add music to the video and write on it beautifully and in a variety of forms.
  • Recording computer screen video with sound and in high resolution, as well as shooting games and other things explanations.

3. The lightest video editing software AnyRec


Anyrec is one of the best, lightest and simplest video editing programs on the computer, and the most important feature of this program is the ability to change video formats to a large number of types, you can convert a DVD to any format or convert from mp4 to mov or any other known format .

In addition, using AnyRec program, you can merge more than one video with each other in different ways using pre-made templates, as well as you can create 3D videos.

Other great features such as the ability to cut any video into several parts or cut a specific small part, as well as merge several videos With some of them, raising the video volume in case the sound is too weak...accelerating the video, flipping the video inverting and many more great features that you can discover in AnyRec simple montage program.

Anyrec montage features:

  • Anyrec video editing software for computer size does not exceed 2 megabytes.
  • Very easy program to deal with videos.
  • The program enables you to easily merge several videos with each other.
  • Split the video and cut part of it.
  • Convert between different video formats.
  • Raise the audio of the video.
  • Video acceleration.
  • Play the video in reverse.
  • Create 3D videos.

4. Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is one of the best video editing software and one of the best movie editing software
It is used by a very large number of users around the world, in the beginning, it was a program for modification and improvement of audio and music, and recently it has become the best video editing software.

With the Sony Vegas video editing program, you can combine audio and music with clips Video clips, as well as cut unwanted parts, composite multiple layers, or switching between shots in a way professional, as well as write on the video and add a set of effects and transitions from one clip to another.

However, this program is considered one of the best editing programs, as it is very professional for making TV movies as well.

Sony Vegas features:

  • Supports all types of video formats.
  • Writing on the video in various fonts and in different sizes.
  • You can output the video in quality up to 8K.
  • High-quality, professional color correction, and enhancement.
  • Zoom in and focus on any part of the video.

5. HitPaw video editor 

HitPaw video editor

HitPaw video editor is one of the best editing software for computer beginners, Very simple and easy to edit videos, and you can use it smoothly and without complications.

Then download this program on the computer by more than 23 million devices, which shows its great popularity and success on the part of the users.

The famous HitPaw video editor works on Windows on your computer, and you can download it
Use it for a free trial period, and buy it after that if you like its many amazing features.

Features of the famous HitPaw video editor:

  • HitPaw video editor has all the tools needed to professionally edit any video and at the same time simple.
  • By using HitPaw video editor, you can cut video clips and replay installed.
  • Install background music for the video
  • Convert any short video into an animated GIF
  • HitPaw video editor is a safe and lightweight program without ads or viruses
  • A program is suitable for all beginners to produce videos with very high quality
  • Features of the famous HitPaw vidéo editor

6. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve is one of the best editing programs that are very distinct from the rest of the other programs that we have developed at the top of this list is a free program that you can use without buying or paying anything or Activate it, and it is one of the professional video editing programs recommended by experts in this field.

Using this program, you can make professional movies with very high quality due to its powerful and diverse tools In making films and videos.

The Davinci Resolve montage program also supports a large number of tools found in its predecessors The above programs and more, from writing on the video to cutting and assembling videos as well Film output very high quality and all this for free and without a watermark.

Features of Davinci Resolve Editing Program:

  • The program works on various devices: Windows - Mac - Linux.
  • Free for all operating systems and does not require any activation.
  • The interface of the program is very simple and anyone can work on it.
  • Suitable for professional film montage in a great way.
  • The program has a large number of ready-made tools for video editing and video editing and sound.
  • It enables you to make professional transitions between clips.
  • Easily arrange, cut, and merge clips.

7. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is also one of the best editing and video editing programs as well as movie editing Full, a special program for Mac devices, and through this program and then made a large number of movies.

Final Cut Pro also allows you to edit videos professionally, as you can add music to videos, cut videos and clips, and recombine them in the order you want.

You can add music to videos, cut videos and clips, and recombine them in the order you want.

use dozens of ready-made effects on the clips to be modified, and use transitions
Professionalism between clips, etc.

Final Cut Pro Features:

  • Final Cut Pro is the best editing software for Mac.
  • Cut and recombine video clips together.
  • Use a set of ready-made effects to edit and edit video clips.
  • Remove noise from the audio.
  • Video writing with different effects.
  • serenity removal.
  • Great and professional transitions at the same time.

8. Camtasia


Camtasia is also one of the best video editing software for beginners, this program is very simple and very suitable for computers with medium resources that have 4 GB of RAM and less than 2 gigahertz processor speed.

Camtasia montage software has many ready-to-use editing effects, it does not require much experience in montage, and anyone can learn and use it in less than an hour.

With Camtasia Video Editing and Editing Software, you can cut, paste, edit clips and edit on
The volume level, green color removal, writing on the video, beautiful transitions between clips, and great movements increase the aesthetics of the montage and video.

Personally, this is the video editing software that I personally use to edit the YouTube videos that I post on my channel.

Camtasia Features:

  • Recording the computer screen, audio, and video, and running a webcam at the same time, to make explanations
  • You can add audio and music to the video as you want
  • Write on the video the way you want, with many types of fonts, and display it in a beautiful way
  • It provides you with the ability to create a professional and simple intro video
  • Extract the videos with the quality you want and in suitable FHD quality

9. Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus

Last but not least, the video editing software for PC Movavi Video Editor Plus is simple and practical, it is a very professional program that is used by a very large number of people and companies around the world, as well as the owners of YouTube channels, due to the simplicity of the program and the ease of dealing with it.

Movavi Video Editor Plus allows you to cut videos and combine videos with some of them and add professional transitions to these videos as well as separate audio from the video and change it or modify it and add professional images, writing, and movements to the video so that you can make a very professional video montage through this program.

Features of Movavi Video Editor Plus:

  • Improve video quality automatically
  • Upload edited videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms
  • It provides you with many types of fonts to use, directions, and the way they appear
  • Record clips from your webcam and microphone
  • A large number of other features that I let you discover when you use the program

10. Lightworks


It is one of the best programs in the field of video editing for the computer, and it is a free program to use, so many people recommend it to be the first program, as other programs that contain its features are paid programs, most of them.

The program supports all operating systems in all versions and can edit videos with high resolution up to 720P, which is a high resolution for a free program, as most free programs do not reach 480, and a paid version is currently being produced with features comparable to the best programs in the market and will be dedicated to experiences as It includes a set of tools that require high knowledge and experience to work on.

Lightworks Features :

  • Supports 16 million colors for professional editing
  • Contains over 60 unique filters
  • The ability to find the best shots in the video
  • Export video up to 4K
  • Possibility to merge images.
  • The program is small
  • Works on all Windows 10, 7, and 8 systems

These were the best editing programs and the best paid and free video editing programs for Windows, Linux, and Mac systems 2023, which can be used by beginners as well as professionals and for all purposes, whether to make movie montages or just for normal videos, and you can use any program you want and see fit according to its features that we have shown in The top and I hope that you like all the montage programs that we have put forward, and if there is any question, I will be happy to answer it through the comments.

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