Best cryptocurrency in the world of Metaverse 2023

After the cryptocurrency NFT and Meme, Metaverse coins are undoubtedly making a big noise in the crypto world.

There are plenty of Metaverse coins looking for market share, but only a select few have reached over $1 billion in valuation.

Best cryptocurrency in the world of Metaverse 2023

In this article, we will list the best cryptocurrency in the world of Metaverse in 2023 that have a market capitalization of over $1 billion, Also don't forget to check Best crypto to inverst in 2023.

1. WEMIX Coin

WEMIX coin is the blockchain gaming arm of South Korean game company WEMADE. As a veteran of the mobile gaming industry,WEMADE has been in business for over 20 years, with some games reaching over 500 million downloads.

WEMIX already has a list of Blockchain games that users can download via the Android or Apple App Store. While the reviews say the games have bugs, it's understandable that the games weren't released until recently.

In general, most of the hype for WEMIX comes from South Korea. Looking at the trading volume, most of the volume comes from Bithumb – a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange.

As a leading mobile game development company, the market is betting on WEMIX to be the leader in the metaverse segment With a market capitalization of $1.9 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of $323 million, WEMIX has a lot of potentials.

2. Enjin

Another Metaverse project that has received a lot of hype recently is Enjin, an all-in-one platform that allows users to create assets and use them in decentralized finance applications.

Similar to the way investors bet on WEMIX to deliver high-quality products, merchants bet on Enjin to deliver high-quality metaverses.

Previously, Enjin was able to position itself as a leader in NFTs, by creating a very active market filled with rare NFTs.

In fact, at the time of writing, there are over 17,000 NFTs currently listed on the platform, which shows the sheer size of the Enjin ecosystem.

Enjin has established himself as a strong player in the cryptocurrency space. With how fast cryptocurrency has evolved, Enjin has also proven that it can ride the hype and establish itself as a major competitor, time and time again.

Enjin's recent announcement mentions a new blockchain that will help developers integrate with Metaverse.

Dubbed Efinity, it will enable the innovators of Metaverse to reach users across the growing list of decentralized networks, current, and future.

Overall, Enjin has a great long-term outlook, especially considering the fact that it has focused on metaverses.


The SAND Sandbox Coin is the most anticipated metaverse project at the moment. It is a virtual world where players can buy plots of land, then customize them with different assets.

The game is scheduled to launch in May 2021. However, users can already purchase various plots of land and properties from the market.

One of the main reasons for the amount of hype surrounding SAND is the amazing gameplay footage, along with several notable companies investing in SAND. For example, at the beginning of November, Softbank announced that it had invested $93 million in Sandbox.

Overall, as the most anticipated metaverse project on the market, Sandbox makes it long-lasting.


MANA coin and Decentraland platform, a fully functional virtual world that allows players to visit different hubs and interact with Decentraland metaverse.

With a fully functional product, Decentraland is ahead of any other projects mentioned above. It is a personal favorite because the hype surrounding MANA is based on a platform that is already running.

If you're looking to get into the hype of Metaverse, MANA is one of the number one cryptocurrencies I'll look at because it's one of the best contenders in the industry right now, and one of the safest bets in my opinion.

5. AXS

The most valuable Metaverse project right now is Axie Infinity. It is an NFT game inspired by "Pokemon" and allows users to breed and upgrade their Axies.

Part of the reason for Axie Infinity's $8 billion valuation has to do with the fact that it's the number one Ethereum game based on active users.

Players can fight using their axes and earn a variety of rewards. There are loads of guides on youtube showing different battle mechanics and how to win Arena games.

As the King of all Metaverse projects, there is no doubt that Axie Infinity has a great long-term outlook. The price of AXS could double in the first half of 2023.

With Metaverse positioning itself as the latest trend in the cryptocurrency world, this is an opportunity for traders to take advantage of the hype.

In general, you can not go wrong by investing in any of the above-mentioned projects. Although cryptocurrencies may be going through some tough days this week, the long-term potential of all these projects is very bullish.

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